The information come from diverse books, online etc.

The Multiplication Table is from 1 to 12.


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Textbook used is Jon Rogawski's "Calculus: Second Edition."

The multiplication table from 3x3 to 9x9.

Used to prepare for Teaching upper level math.

This collection of cards covers the first two years of undergraduate mathematics, in mnemosyne XML format. It requires LATEX or compatible, I used because it is free.

The source is PART 1 of the FE Exam (Engineering) Reference manual, which is a concise review of the formulas and concepts needed to become an Engineer-in-Training in the United States. I will be adding more sections in the future covering all aspects of engineering.

The collection is broken up into sections by category, which are:

This collection was made for the Math 132 course at Liberty University and requires LaTeX.

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