There are many ways you can contribute to Mnemosyne.

Share cards or plugins you have created.

More instructions on how to share cards are here.

Contribute or assist with a translation.

You can translate Mnemosyne into a new language online here.

Have an idea for a new feature in the software?

Suggest a new feature or vote on existing suggestions.

Contribute code to Mnemosyne

If you are a developer, you can contribute code. More information on how to do so can be found here.


Mnemosyne would not be what it is today without the contributions from many members of the community, whose support is gratefully acknowledged:

  • Timothy Bourke, for the Java client and many plugins
  • Johannes Baiter, for porting many features to 2.0, like tip of the day, XML import, ...
  • Patrick Kenny, webmaster extraordinaire who also kickstarted the 2.0 OSX installers
  • Oisín Mac Fhearaí, for the OSX installers
  • Geir aka Gnome, master bug reporter
  • Ed Bartosh, Max Usachev, Ullrich Martini for many contributions during the 2.0 writing phase
  • Mike Appleby, for the graphical statistics
  • Konrad Wojas, for work on the OSX version and architectural suggestions
  • Felix Engel, for many contributions
  • Joonatan Kaartinen, for useful insights
  • Ryan Michael, for kickstarting the analysis of the uploaded logs
  • Dirk Herrmann, for Supermemo import and lots of patches
  • Killian Evang, Nuno Araujo, Philip Gubser, Lewis White, Jan Egil Hagen, Mats Hansson, Emilian Mihalache, Ben Israel, Steven Lee, Peter Kovalenko, Alex Fevery, Toni Alsford, Chris Nadt, Bjorn Maes, Brendan Sinclair, Daniel Bozik, heldtfisken, Jack Thro, Daniele Parisi, Kensor0, piotr, Tristan, crcmail0, Tom Zerlau, acdenh, Tom Cato Amundsen, mark, knutflatland, iBayer, Chris Resnik, Raoul Pontecaille, Michael Campbell, ialectum, Stephen McCamant, Dylan Gordhan, Pawel Szerszon, Faemorleto, Tom Cate, Herman Gunn, Laurent Humble, Sirius533, Bono Shih, Chris Schmidt, Chris Shanks, Santi, mjulius, J. David Lee, Gabriel Benamouzig, Eliyahu Switzer, Doug, Sergey Pogosyan, robertle, Stephan Maseizik, Geoff Kaplan, Henni2012, Knite, phyTech, Eugene Campbell, Jin Hale, Scott Youngman, Estevo, Ansgar Bohmann, Sam S., Patrick de Metz, Tim Macdonald, Kent Stearman, Cyril Frei, Naomi Borkowski, James Litton, Troy Guze, silverbear, Sheryaar Butt, B_Monkey, Roel De Coninck, ChaletPol, Dan Schmidt, Twenty Ten, dandelo, abakus, Murray James Morrison, Ursula Walter, Per Torhammer, Dave Harding, Marmuta, Adam McCaughan, Laurent Mauron, Kenneth Murphy, Johan Forsberg, Nils Barth, Chris Aakre, Stephen Boulet, franny1, mercado1, varkhan1, Albert Damen, reynard, stvltvs, Bernhard Blum, Juan Alonso, nairbv, compiu, Mike Charlton, Nils Kriha, lebowski_404, Tomek Guzialek, Gintautas Miliauskas, Christopher Gilbreth, Jamned, S. Scharrer, pizzasource, TomC, Jim Slattery, Airconditioning, Loco, Querido, M. Boespflug, J. Forrez, A. Rachmatullah, E. Grannan, Henrik Skov Midtiby, J. David Lee, Ian MacLean, Dariusz Laska, Jarno Elonen, for various bug reports, patches and suggestions
  • Many people for translations. The contributors for a translation can be seen by going to the Launchpad translation page, selecting a language, and scrolling down to the bottom of the page. The following people contributed to translations of older versions: Stephan Maseizik, Denis Zhuravlyov, Prabowo Murti, Ilija Pavlic, Enrico Leoni, Sercan Oruc, Dimitri Scheftner, bkil, Christophe Méalarès, Yannick Voglaire, jchthys, Martin Mueller, Daniel Alvarez Wise, Juan Alonsa, Edwin de Jong, Jiri Popelka, Petr Tomica, Leon Goo, Jamshid Bahar, Tomasz Nazarenko, Patrick Kenny, Bahman Eslami, Fabio Kreusch, Michal T, Petter-Goksoyr-Asen, Randi H.