The current version of Mnemosyne is 2.4. For a list of what's new in each release, see the this page.

Download Mnemosyne

  • Windows
    For Windows, it's recommended to uninstall the previous version before upgrading.
  • Linux (tarball; follow the instructions in the README)
    Many Linux distributions (Ubuntu, Arch Linux, etc.) provide Mnemosyne packages, although possibly still for an older version.
  • Mac OS X
    Built on OS X Yosemite, Maverick users might have issues.
  • Android
    An Android client which allows you to do offline reviews, as well as syncing with the desktop client, is available from Google Play. In case Google Play is blocked in your country (e.g. China), you can also download it here.
  • For mobile review on other platforms, activate the Mnemosyne webserver on your desktop (requires 2.3) using the configuration screen, and then review using your browser on your mobile client.

(For Windows phone, there is also ColibriM, which is a non-free client which is not developed by the Mnemosyne project. ColibriM relies on Mnemogogo.)

Download card sets

Download user-contributed card sets to aid you in your studies.

Download scripts and plugins

Download scripts and plugins to extend your Mnemosyne experience.

Older Versions of Mnemosyne

You can get older versions from Sourceforge (not recommended).