Geert Hermans


Hiragana, symbol-to-reading and reading-to-symbol. Includes dakuon and handakuon versions and yoon (combinations). All cards are accurately tagged to allow you to study or rehearse only specific subgroups. The reading side mentions that the hiragana is expected, so you can combine these cards with katakana without worrying about duplicates.

The tagging is as follows:
There is one root tag "Japanese". Hierarchically under that is a tag "kana".
Under the kana tag, you will find the following tags:
- hiragana: all cards in this set are tagged with this;
- seion: all kana that do not have dakuten (voiced) or handakuten (p-sound);
- dakuon: all kana with dakuten (voiced);
- handakuon: all kana with handakuten (p-sound);
- youon: all kana combinations (sound contractions).

Initially, it is best to study the cards NOT marked as dakuon, handakuon or youon. In other words, all hiragana without diacritics or contractions. After that, you will find the study of the remaining cards quite easy.

Feel free to provide feedback or contact me if the cards contain errors, if you have suggestions for improvement or if they don't properly work on certain clients (such as mobile).


Self-created deck. The distinction of the kana types for tagging is made based on this chart: http://www.saiga-jp.com/img/character/japanese_language/hiragana_katakan...

Mnemosyne Compatibility: 

  • 2.1+

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