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To avoid cluttering the interface, only the most frequently used options are listed on Mnemosyne's configuration screen. For advanced options, you can edit the file to exercise a fine-grained control over the program's behaviour. Do let us know if you find you really need to use a certain option a lot. In that case, we can consider moving it to the main interface.

The config.pyfile can be found in the following locations:

  • Windows: C:\Users\<your user name>\Application Data\Roaming\Mnemosyne (hidden directory)
  • Linux: ~/.config/mnemosyne/
  • OSX: ~/Library/Mnemosyne/

Here is an example file:

# Mnemosyne configuration file.

# This file contains settings which we deem to be too specialised to be
# accesible from the GUI. However, if you use some of these settings, feel
# free to inform the developers so that it can be re-evaluated if these
# settings need to be exposed in the GUI.

# Science server. Only change when prompted by the developers.
science_server = ""

# Set to True to prevent you from accidentally revealing the answer when
# clicking the edit button.
only_editable_when_answer_shown = False

# Set to False if you don't want the tag names to be shown in the review
# window.
show_tags_during_review = True

# The number of daily backups to keep. Set to -1 for no limit.
backups_to_keep = 10

# Start the card browser with the last used colum sort. Can have a serious
# performance penalty for large databases.
start_card_browser_sorted = False

# The moment the new day starts. Defaults to 3 am. Could be useful to change
# if you are a night bird. You can only set the hours, not minutes, and
# midnight corresponds to 0.
day_starts_at = 3

# On mobile clients with slow SD cards copying a large database for the backup
# before sync can take longer than the sync itself, so we offer reckless users
# the possibility to skip this.
backup_before_sync = True

# Latex preamble. Note that for the pre- and postamble you need to use double
# slashes instead of single slashes here, to have them escaped when Python
# reads them in.
latex_preamble = \"\"\"\\\\documentclass[12pt]{article}

# Latex postamble.
latex_postamble = "\\\\end{document}"

# Latex command.
latex = "latex -interaction=nonstopmode"

# Latex dvipng command.
dvipng = "dvipng -D 200 -T tight tmp.dvi"