Importing cards

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Plain text and Microsoft Office (Word and Excel)

Mnemosyne can import plain text files where each line contains a question/answer pair separated by a tab. So e.g. if you have such a list in Word, save it as plain text (*.txt), choose 'other encoding - Unicode (UTF-8)' if your data contains foreign characters, and then you get a file which you can import in Mnemosyne if you choose the 'Tab-separated text files' format.

The same goes for Excel using 'save as', 'tab delimited (txt)'. However, Excel's unicode text format is not the standard UTF-8, so this only works for latin characters.

OpenOffice Calc

Choose File-> Save as and select csv as the format. Then click on the box that says edit filter
and choose utf-8 as the character set, tab as the field delimiter, and clear as the text delimiter. It works perfectly with unicode (a major advantage over Excel!).

Importing cards in the Vocabulary card type

For each card, put 'foreign word', 'pronunciation', and 'meaning' on a single line, separated by tabs.