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Below you can see what's new in each release.

Mnemosyne 2.11 : 2023-11-12

- Add support for ruby/furigana, i.e '私[わたし]' will render with the 
  furigana above the kanji. 
- Mnemosyne can now also be installed on top of an existing Python
  installation by doing 'pip install mnemosyne-proj'. This also opens the
  door to an up-to-date install on MacOS.
- Upgrade build system to poetry and test system to Pytest (patch by Ace
  Z. Alba and kuraga).
- Fix more errors in 'Non-latin point size increase' (reported by Hugo 
- Improve icon finding logic (patch by traveller1).
- Fix not remembering last statistics page in some cases (patch by 
  Andreas Perstinger).
- Fix rare threading issue in sync server.  

Mnemosyne 2.10.1 : 2023-02-06

- Suppress spurious warnings about missing Google translate libraries.
- Fix error in 'Non-latin point size increase'.
- Solve packaging issue to prevent crashing on cards with audio.

Mnemosyne 2.10 : 2023-01-30

- Update to all the latest libraries, most importantly from Python 2.8
  to Python 2.11, and from PyQt5 to PyQt6. You might see better 
- Tweaked appearance of application.  
- Optimised startup time.
- Switched audio and video support from mplayer to Qt.
- Fix Google text-to-speech for Spanish (reported by Language Lover).
- Google translator should work again.
- Support for multiple audiofiles in the webserver (patch by jooseef).
- Scale images and add support for Map card type in web client (patch by 
- Fix TypeError when activating cards (patch by Adam Smalhofer). 
- Make sure the review server also works for non-latin audio files
  (reported by jooseef).
- Fix corner case when previewing cards after changing their card type 
  (reported by Gnome).
- Removed option to insert Flash in cards.  

Mnemosyne 2.9 : 2022-06-20

- Added an option to reset the learning history of either the current card
  or of a number of selected cards in the card browser.
- Changed the behaviour of "Cram recently learned new cards" to also include
  cards that were learned but had not yet come up for regular review. 
- Fixed a regression where the cramming scheduler would no longer save
- The config.py option 'start_card_browser_sorted' now defaults to 'True' for
  new users. Existing users can still edit config.py manually. 
- Try harder to reach the maximum number of cards the user wants to memorise
  at once.
- Add webserver API call to retrieve number of scheduled cards 
  (patch by gbear605).
- Allow users to add webm images (patch by gojun077).
- Make sure script access to libmnemosyne also works for study modes
  other than "Scheduled - Forgotten - New" (bug report by Eloi Torrents).
- Added a config.py option 'max_scheduled_interval_days' to put an upper 
  limit to the scheduled interval. Dangerous, use this with caution and
  at your own risk! Accidentally putting this value too low will mess up
  your schedules without an option to undo this.
- Improve Python 3.10 compatibility (bug report by Martin Brodbeck).  
- Avoid infinite error loop when converting a card to cloze type 
  (patch by Oisín).

Mnemosyne 2.8 : 2021-06-28

- Added an option to stop showing cards as soon as they reach a certain
  number of successful retention reps. This makes sure that your review load
  does not keep increasing over the years.
- The card browser now also shows the number of learning and review reps
  since the last lapse.
- Making storing of client sync password optional. Warn that the client stores
  the password in plain text. The server now stores a password hash (patch
  by J5lx).
- Make sure that Mnemosyne is associated with its icon under Wayland (patch
  by J5lx).
- Fix error when using the sync server and the web server at the same time
  (patch by Gregoire Jadi).
- Improve Python 3.9 compatibility (patch by Julien Puydt).

Mnemosyne 2.7.3 : 2020-11-23

- Make tag completion case insensitive (requested by Daniel Schmidt).
- Add keyboard shortcuts for Google translate and text-to-speech.
- Don't forget to update whether or not a card is active when bulk adding/
  removing tags in the card browser.
- Make Anki import more robust (bug reported by Максим).
- Don't crash when saving text-to-speech containing linebreaks.
- Fix corner cases of scheduled counter not updating when learning ahead of
  schedule and switching between saved sets (bug reported by girlsim).
- Updated translations.
- More robust importing under Linux.
- Upgraded to gTTS 2.2.1 and googletrans 3.0.0.
- Added command line option --qt-scale-factor, to tweak the size on HDPI

Mnemosyne 2.7.2: 2020-07-09

- Wrap tag string so that it no longer stretches the application window.
- Don't crash when using saved sets containing over 1000 tags (reported
  by abacus).
- Android: don't crash when trying to star a card when no card is showing.
- Improve robustness of Windows sync server.
- Enabled Icelandic text-to-speech.
- More robust detection of Latex on OSX (patch by Devin Howard).
- Exposed more functionality of libmnemosyne to scripting programs.
- Update example plugin to change keyboard shortcuts (requested by Garrison
- Upgraded to PyQt 5.15.0, matplotlib 3.2.2.

Mnemosyne 2.7.1 : 2020-02-20

- Improved Google Translate results.
- Fixed a regression in the sync protocol when Mnemosyne had warned about
  learning too many new cards.
- Improved support for OpenGL emulation libraries on older hardware.
- No longer give a Matplotlib warning when plotting statistics.
- Many cleanups in the code by Cole Robinson.
- Improve Python 3.8 compatibility (patch by hal50000).
- The Android client now supports 64-bit systems

Mnemosyne 2.7: 2019-11-19

- Added Google text-to-speech and translate. To enable, first associate a
  language to a card type using "Cards - Manage card types...". You can then
  right-click on a text field when adding or editing cards to insert a
  translation or a sound file.
- Mnemosyne is now a 64-bit application only, and the Windows version is
  bundled with Python 3.7, PyQt 5.13.1, matplotlib 3.1.1.
- Use system language as default language (code by Adam Papai).
- Only warn once per day about the number of cards you learned, even if you
  open and close Mnemosyne inbetween (code by Adam Papai).
- More error checking when uploading science logs. To avoid missing files from
  the past, Mnemosyne will reupload all of your old logs as well.
- Disallow starting a headless sync server in case no password is set up (patch
  by Marcin Mielniczuk).
- Reenable right-click menu on review widget to allow for copying text.
- Fix for "Cram recently learned new cards" (reported by Manfred Ernst).
- Fix for escaped hex unicode in text file import (reported by JDelage).
- Fix for headless sync server losing user id (report by Marcin Mielniczuk).
- Fix for Anki learning data import (reported by syonax).
- Various minor cleanups and fixes (Marcin Mielniczuk).
- Fix txt import under Mac (reported by Henrik and JDelage, fixed by Devin
- Fix for continuous reset of scheduler when DST changes (reported by

Mnemosyne 2.6.1: 2018-08-07

- In the grade and easiness statistics, added option to only show active cards,
  as well as options to group multiple subtags.
- In the card browser, added option to filter on cards having all of a certain
  number of tags.
- Fix bug with Mnemosyne not remembering the setting of "Recent cards are cards
  with at most X retention repetitions" (reported by Lenore Raven).
- Fix crash in the review server (reported by Dorian Hawkmoon).
- Fix crash in card browser when having set the card background colour for all
  cards at once (reported by Adam Papai, Jan Simunek).
- Fix interaction between Unicode and Latex (reported by vycska).
- Work around progress bars which don't close under Linux (fix by Emilian
- Work around 2038 bug, especially on Android, when grading extremely easy
- Fix bug with special characters like apostrophes in export to *.cards format.
- Warn when fields are missing during tsv import (requested by Pavel B.).
- When creating or editing a card, superfluous tags like having both A and A::B
  will be consolidated in a single tag A::B.
- Upgraded to PyQt 5.10.1 and matplotlib 2.2.2 under Windows.

Mnemosyne 2.6 : 2017-12-11

- Import of Anki databases (both *.anki2 and *.apgk) as well as
  possibility to edit these M-sided card types (though not yet in a way
  that would change the number of sister cards).
- Fix display of question in the card browser in case you configured
  Mnemosyne to show question and answer in the same window.
- Fix bugs with increase of non-latin fonts (reported by JDD annd Scott
- Fix cornercase bug in RTL handler (reported by Fonzo99).
- Upgrade to latest version of libraries (PyQt, Python, Matplotlib).
- Improve keyboard shortcuts (reported by Scott Youngman).
- Fixes to the behaviour of the Edit dialog of the Card Browser (reported by
  Scott Youngman).
- Also save window size when exiting window by pressing escape (reported by
  Scott Youngman).
- Fix display of map cards when showing Q and A in the same box (reported by
  Scott Youngman).
- Disallow renaming a single tag to multiple tags in the tag tree widget.
  (reported by abacus).
- In case you get crashes in the browser when trying to display only untagged
  cards, you can now run 'File - Compact - Defragment database' to fix this
  (reported by abacus).
- Fix crash in headless server.
- Fix crashes when running separate scripts (patch by Julian Mehne).

Mnemosyne 2.5 : 2017-06-26

-New feature: Study Modes, allowing you to e.g. only study unlearned
 cards. The Cramming scheduler is also migrated to this functionality.
-Added option to "Configure Mnemosyne" to affect how cards are displayed,
 in two boxes with fixed size, two boxes with adaptive size, or a single
 box top aligned.
-Tweaks to tag combobox (Emilian Mihalache).
-Updated to PyQt 5.8.2.
-Scaling for high-definition displays now enabled by default.
 (start with --disable-high-dpi-scaling if you prefer the previous behaviour).
-Fix crash when deleting unused media files (reported by gorgar).
-Small performance optimisations in the database.
-Fix crash in configuration widget under Linux with some fonts (e.g. Google
 Noto fonts) (fix by m4984).
-Fix crash when selecting negative tags (reported by 2a216566f1).
-Fix keyboard shortcuts not working sometimes (reported by Angelika Blaschka).
-Improved compatibility with different Qt versions under Linux
 (reported by Huang Shuhan).
-When setting the fonts for all the card types at once, the dialog will now
 correctly remember the setting (reported by 2a216566f1).
-Added warning if OpenGL libraries are missing under Linux
 (Andy Rayner).
-Try and work around cases where the progress bar after sync wouldn't
 close under Linux (reported by Kienan).
-Fix crash when running with the --debug option (reported by themusicgod1).

Mnemosyne 2.4.1 : 2017-01-30

-Updated to PyQt 5.7.1.
-Fix broken cramming plugin (reported by stevengeorg). 
-Fix encoding problems with import and export (reported by register2, 
 MarcoP, abacus).
-Improve subdirectory handling (reported by abacus, duncantaylor). 
-Make configuration storing more thread-safe.
-Warn if an old plugin needs to be updated. 
-Location and size of 'Add cards' window is saved again (reported by
 David Schuler).
-Fix removing tags through card browser (reported by bvauquelin).
-Fix loss of keyboard focus when switching back to the main window
 (reported by Jan Egil Hagen and Dan Schmidt).
-Fixed crash in card browser when working with forbidden tags 
 (reported by Benjamin Brueck). 
-Fix autoscaling of Q and A sometimes not working under Linux.
-Fix error related missing idna encoding when starting server 
 (reported by Andrea Giordano).
-Fix error related to upgrading from very old databases (reported by 
 David Schuler)
-Fix for latest version of cherrypy unbundling its WSGIserver
 (reported by Aramís Concepción Durán). 
-New command line option "--qt-opengl" which can be set to either
 'desktop', 'angle' or 'software', which you can play around with if
 you have display issues.

Mnemosyne 2.4 : 2016-12-05

-Upgraded all code to Python3 and PyQt5, so that Mnemosyne no longer
 depends on libraries which are gradually becoming unsupported.
-The move to PyQt5 enabled to show progress bars with percentages for
 certain long operations like initial sync.
-Improved startup speed. 
-New command line option "--high-dpi-scaling" to enable scaling for displays
 with high DPI values. Not enabled by default because it can cause some
 issues with multiple connected displays.
-Tag combobox now expands to give suggestions for tags also when using more
 than one tag (patch by Emilian Mihalache)

Mnemosyne 2.3.6 : 2016-05-02

-Logs older than 1 year are now automatically archived in a separate file,
 which is not backed up all the time, speeding up e.g. the sync process.
-The card browser now supports more html formatting, e.g. ruby tags. 
-URLs in cards in the review widget now open in an external browser, rather 
 than the internal Qt webview which does not have back buttons e.g..
-Only changing a card type in the 'Edit current card' dialog now works again
 (reported by Henrik).
-Failed cards no longer are listed as overdue in the card browser (requested
 by Samuel Innes)
-Fixed bugs related to Unicode filenames under Android (reported by Jan 
 Egil Hagen). 
-When adding a tag with the same name both on client and server before 
 syncing, rename one of these tags. Users still need to unify and activate
 the tags though (reported by Jan Egil Hagen). 
-Added a --version command line argument to display the version (requested by
 Matthew Exon).
-Also accept files with *.tsv extention when importing tab-separated data
 (requested by Ojas A). 
-Don't leave the 'Client Logging in...'' dialog on the sync server open in 
 case the client provides a wrong password (reported by Eric).
-Fixed formatting when using 'db_media:///' in cards with javascript (
 reported by Pete Kovalenko).

Mnemosyne 2.3.5 : 2015-12-07

-New OSX installer by Devin Howard.
-Fix editing of empty fields (reported by Malik Olivier Boussejra).
-Fix crash when compacting database (reported by David Bailey).
-Fix sound system under Linux (reported by David Bailey, Joel Pettersson).
-Make determining local IP address more robust (reported by Matthew Exon).

Mnemosyne 2.3.4 : 2015-10-05

-When importing another database with learning data, don't reset the creation
and modification times of cards.
-When switching card sets, no longer keep showing an unlearned card that was
being asked when the switch took place, but give precedence to scheduled cards.
-Improve robustness of sync protocol.
-When moving to a next card, kill the audio from the previous card.
-Multiple media files per card now works in conjunction with the 'start' and
'stop' options.
-When editing a card from the card browser, PgUp and PgDown no longer discard
the changes (reported by vmixeen).
-Fixed issue where creating clones of card types would sometimes clone the wrong
card type.
-Prefill tag behaviour plugin: don't update the last used tags when editing a
card, only when adding new cards.
-Better runtime documentation for the '(De)activate cards' dialog (requested by
Matthias Ernst).
-Allow Cntl-C to copy text from question if answer is showing (reported by
Mathias Ernst).
-Fix Windows-specific bug, where Mnemosyne would not notice that you were trying
to open a backup and would not take the appropriate actions.
-When running the sync server on e.g. a headless machine which does not have
latex installed, don't waste time looking for updated latex cards.
-Fix regression where a currently active set would not show up as highlighed
in the 'saved sets' panel when starting '(de)activate cards' (reported by
Matthias Ernst).
-Improve run-time help with respect to editing a saved set (requested by
Mathias Ernst).
-To work around bugs in Qt under Linux, media are also played using
mplayer, just like under Windows (reported by Francesco Ariis).
-Fix problems with not detecting autorepeat when pressing grade buttons
(patch by Kilian Evang).
-Fix RTL issues (reported by Mateusz Konieczny).
-Fix potential bug when exporting clones of cloned card types.

Mnemosyne 2.3.3 : 2015-04-13

-Fix regression where it was not possible to grade map cards (reported by 
 Mateusz Konieczny).
-Also allow mass conversion of cards to Cloze and Sentence card types 
 (requested by Chris Nadt). 
-Change ',' to ' - ' when importing legacy tag names (reported by Matthias 
-Fix some keyboard shortcuts while displaying map cards (reported by 
 Mateusz Konieczny).

Mnemosyne 2.3.2 : 2015-02-25

-Option to merge databases (under File - Import - Mnemosyne 2.x *.db files).
-Make sure latex files are always pregenerated before sync (reported by Eric 
-Fix error syncing filenames containing double dots (reported by Eric Freeman).
-Strip control characters from strings when exporting and syncing (reported 
 by Carl Kennedy).
-Smart sorting of card types in dialog boxes (patch by Emilian Mihalache).
-Fix when importing 1.x databases containing a single quote in a media filename
 (reported by Jan Egil Hagen).
-Don't replace newline with 
inside textarea tags (patch by Pete Kovalenko). -Fix crash when running in headless mode after having run with the GUI (reported by Chris Nadt). -Fix handling of media filenames containing '#' (reported by Philip Gubser). -Don't crash the SQL engine if you have more than 1000 tags (reported by Mats Hansson). -Fix regression in merging and editing duplicate cards (reported by Marcin M.). -Update the window title on a sync server if a different database was loaded. -Make upgrading from 2.3 config database more robust (reported by Lewis White). -Better error handling when trying to load a database which no longer exists in its previous location. -Make sure we can run on systems with PyQt5 installed (patch by Nuno Araujo). -The "db_media:" tag now expands to an absolute path on all systems (reported by Gnome). -The local timezone is now stored in the science logs. Mnemosyne 2.3.1 : 2014-06-18 -Change database backend for config file. There should be no more errors which cause you to delete the config file. -Don't import cherrypy if not using the sync server (workaround for mimetype bug in non-unicode systems) (reported by Steven Lee, Pete Kovalenko). -Don't give spurious warning about different tags in different sister cards when creating new clozes when editing a card (reported by Scott Youngman). -Fixed some issues with tabbing to buttons in a dialog not selecting the right button (reported by Scott Youngman). Mnemosyne 2.3 : 2014-04-23 The sync protocol has changed in this version, so make sure you update both the client and the server at the same time. -A quick-and-dirty Android client is available, where you can do reviews in your mobile browser using a webserver which runs on your Android device. This client has full support for the syncing protocol. -The functionality of mnemosyne-webserver has now been merged into the main program and can be activated through 'Configure Mnemosyne - servers'. -Time to create backups has decreased, in some situations even by a factor of 2 or more, speeding up syncing and program exit. -Sped up all editing operations in the card browser. -The name of the currently active saved set of cards is now listed in title bar (requested by Silverbear). -Added new statistic: number of new cards learned per day. -Also sync relevant settings (e.g. fonts, colours, ...) during the initial sync. -Improve the timeout handling of the sync protocol. -New Ukranian, Swedish, Serbian, Catalan translation. -Fix erroneous 'Wrong username or password' error. -Rework error handling when trying to load a database which no longer exists in its previous location. -Keep the sort order in the card browser when editing cards (reported by Gnome and Tristan). -Added command line options --sync-server and --web-server which starts the sync and the web server in headless mode (i.e. without a GUI) (useful to run e.g. on a NAS server). -Fix more errors coming from loading config files (thanks to Alex Fevery for reporting this). -Added an extra popup to guide new people better through the learning process (feedback from Bjorn Maes). -Fix crash when exporting to cards format when Latex was not installed (reported by Gwern). -Make card conversion more robust for badly formatted card (reported by Gnome). -When editing a card through the browser, make sure the correct set of tags is displayed if sister cards have different tags (requested by Scott Youngman). -Allow converting a Cloze card to a clone of a Cloze card through the browser (requested by Scott Youngman). -Instruct people on the correct way to deal with '*.cards' files if they try to open it as a separate database (Kensor0). -Make it clearer what 'Find duplicates' does. -Various cosmetic fixes when importing *.cards files (reported by Ansgar Bohmann). -Fix tag tree sometimes not updating correctly if the user adds a new tag. -People writing e.g. Javascript card and needing access to the full path of the media directory can now use db_media:///foo.png (requested by Gnome). -Flash files are now synced as well (reported by heldtfisken). -When editing a card where different sister cards have different tags, ask if the tags should be applied to the current card or to all sister cards. -Fix Windows crash when using the card browser with cards imported from Supermemo (reported by Piotr). -Fix crash when renaming cloned card types through the card browser. -Make Mnemosyne 1.x import more robust (reported by Jack Thro). -Don't allow saving the database to a network drive under Windows to prevent corruption (reported by Brendan Sinclair). -Fix sync error that could occur when adding and immediately deleting multiple sister cards from the card browser. -Fix latex / cloze interaction corner case (reported by Daniele Parisi). -Fix corner case of overzealous introduction of media dir in expansion (reported by Toni Alsford). -Make sure latex images are always in sync when updating text. -If adding an extra tag when importing a 'cards' file, don't keep the tag 'Untagged' (patch by crcmail0). If you were affected by this issue before, 'compact database' will solve this. Mnemosyne 2.2.1 : 2013-04-15 -The premade cards from the old 1.x website have now all been converted to the new 2.x cards format and put on the new website. This will make importing much easier, as graphics are bundled (thanks to Patrick Kenny for the conversion). -For txt import, a text file can now contain a fourth column which will be mapped to the 'notes' field of a Vocabulary card. -When editing or browsing cards, don't reset the state of the scheduler such that you need to press 'show answer' again or such that a new card appears (reported by Gnome). -Remember which tags where expanded/collapsed in the tag tree (requested a.o by Troy Guze). -Correctly update flag 'hide pronunciation' in the popup menu (reported by Tom Cato Amundsen). -When merging duplicate cards, merge tags also (requested by Stephan Maseizik). -Fix regression where all the dialogs would have generic names ('mnemosyne') as opposed to e.g. 'Add cards'. -Correctly format clozes in latex, e.g. [Lorentz force law] [\mathbf{F}]=[q]([\mathbf{E}]+[\mathbf{v}\times\mathbf{B}]$> ()requested by acdenh). If you want literal [] in latex, use \left[ and \right]. -Fix crash when converting multiple cards at the same time between e.g. Vocabulary card type and Map card type (reported by Gnome). -No longer allow mass converting of cards to Cloze card types, as this requires editing of the card content for each card anyhow (reported by Scott Youngman). -Fix browser crash occuring after deleting a card type which had custom formatting (reported by Tom Zerlau). -Unless the 'Prefill tag behaviour' plugin is active, changing card types will never change the tag you already filled in, even if it's different from the last used tag (reported by Gnome). -When changing the font for '', make a more neutral choice for default font in case currently different card types have different fonts (reported by Gnome). -Make sync and sync error handling more robust. -In case you don't explicitly select a background colour, use your theme's background colour as opposed to white for empty cards (reported by ialectum). -The quote key to left of 1 (`) can now also be used as a short cut for grade 0 (requested by Kent Stearman). -In the card browser, CTRL+F can be used to focus the input on the search field (requested by abacus). -Improve the position of dialogs popping up from the card browser, sync window, ... . -Fix crash pressing the 'Delete' key in the 'Activate cards' dialog (reported by Gnome). -When changing card types, only warn about losing history when there is actual history present (reported by Gnome). -In case you are not using saved sets and create a new tag whose parent is inactive, make the new tag inactive too. (If you have a saved set active, you'll get a dialog box asking whether you want to activate that tag or not, just like before) (reported by Gnome). -Fix bug in interaction between Latex system and exporting to the 'cards' format (reported by Gwern). -More tweaks for RTL languages like Arabic and Hebrew (bug report by Ansgar Bohmann). -No more superfluous empty lines for cards with RTL languages. -When changing languagues, translate the window title immediately, instead of after reboot. -On a Thai system, don't use Thai numerals in the card browser if the language is set to English (requested by Mark). -Take time zone information into account when displaying creation date of card in browser. -When renaming a saved set, prefill the name field with the previous name of the set. -Don't reset selected plugin when importing a new plugin (reported by Gnome). -When trying to deactivate a card type in use, show name of the card type in the error message. -Fix CTRL+F shortcut for inserting flash, CTRL+D for inserting video, and CTRL+C for copying (reported by Gnome). -Tab key now cycles through all the grade buttons (reported by Gnome). -Fix grading shortcuts R and W for 'right' and 'wrong' in the cramming scheduler. -Backspace and delete shortcuts to delete the current card work again (reported by Dylan Gordhan). Mnemosyne 2.2 : 2012-12-04 -Added menu option to detect duplicates in the database. -Made the cramming scheduler more configurable. Cards can now be studied in random order, earliest first, lastest first or most lapses first. Also, you have the option of whether to save the scheduler state or not when exiting the program. -The way the tag field is prefilled for new cards is changed. By default, the last used tag is used, regardless of card type. If you want the pre-2.2 behaviour, where the last used tag is remembered per card type, there is a bundled plugin you can activate. -When exporting to the 'cards' format, the latex files are now pregenerated and bundled (requested by Mark). -Fix errors coming from loading config files (reported by knutflatland and many others). -Ported missing import file formats from 1.x: SuperMemo7 text, SuperMemo from Palm, Cuecard WCU. -Double-clicking on a saved set in 'Activate cards' now automatically selects the set and closes the window (requested by Michael Campbell). -Add "Insert Flash" option (Note: Flash needs to be installed on your system for this to work) (requested by Gnome). -Added support for video files under Windows (contrary to Linux, they will play in an external window using mplayer). -When you have both tags "A" and "A::B", the card browser will now show the first tag as "A::Untagged". -Javascript can now contain line breaks (reported by iBayer and gnome). -In 'edit cards', make more robust of no longer warning about discarding changes if you did not make any. -Sped up deleting of large number of cards from the card browser. -When pasting into the "Add cards" or "Edit cards" dialog, respect the formatting of the card field. -Be more robust against importing 1.x cards with missing information (reported by Chris Resnik and Patrick Kenny). -Bug fix involving notes with multiple lines with exporting cards. -Fix bug with picture sometimes not showing when first starting the program. -Better support for non-latin characters in sound files under Windows (reported by Raoul Pontecaille). -Fix crash in 'Compact database' involving too many open files (reported by Pawel Szerszon). -Fix situation where tag pane would be no longer visible after adding a first saved card set. -Changing card types and deleting cards from the card browser is now faster. -No longer convert filenames to lower case on Windows (requested by Michael Campbell). -Fix another crash involving duplicates while converting cards (reported by Gnome). -When upgrading from 1.x on OSX, explicitly tell the user where their 1.x data was backed up. -Fix displaying non-latin characters in statistics (reported by Pawel Szerszon). -Don't erase fields when cancelling a card type conversion (reported by Gnome). -Don't allow cancelling the import metadata information dialog. -Fix harmless error message when converting to Cloze cards in the card browser (reported by Michael Campbell). -Upgraded to latest version of Qt/PyQt. Mnemosyne 2.1 : 2012-09-10 -New import/export format to share cards, which also bundles the media files. Supports importing an updated version of the same exported cards, so that authors can release updated versions of their cards fixing e.g. spelling mistakes. -Implemented txt export with tab-separated values. -You can now specify more than 1 tag to add during import (requested by Barbara). -In 'edit cards', no longer warn about discarding changes if you did not make any. -Don't crash card browser when searching for \ (reported by Faemorleto). -Fix bug where active tags would sometimes not have a checkbox in the card browser (reported by Gnome). -Fixed issues involving tag renaming and syncing (reported by Barbara). -Made RTL handling for Arabic and Hebrew more robust. -audio tags now support start and stop arguments, e.g. <audio ... start="1" stop="2"> will play the sound file from 1 to 2 seconds. -Fix crash when cancelling duplicate insertion while converting cards (reported by Gnome). -Fix crash when renaming saved card sets (reported by Pawel Szerszon). -Make detection of unused media files more robust with case insensitive filesystems (reported by Pawel Szerszon and Gnome). -Fix error when resetting configuration to defaults (reported by Pawel Szerszon). -Fix for missing Chinese labels in the statistics plots (reported by Bono Shih). -Fix for rare hangs 'assert interval == 0' (reported by Tom Cato). -Translation fixes when converting between card types (reported by Gnome and Chris Schmidt). -Make terminology in 'Current card' statistics more consistent with the card browser (reported by Henrik Giaever). Mnemosyne 2.0.1 : 2012-08-02 -Fix occasional hang during review (Thanks to Scott Youngman and Chris Shanks for helping to debug this). -In cloze card types, you can now provide hints, e.g. [cloze:hint] will show [hint] in the question as opposed to [...] -Added Sentence card type plugin. If you put this in the 'Sentence' field: "La [casa:house] es [grande:big]", you'll get three sister cards with the following questions: "La casa es grande", "La [house] es grande", "La casa es [big]" -Fix bug where the wrong clone would be renamed (reported by Herman Gunn). -Take size of media player widget (Linux only) into account when calculating the optimal split between question and answer. -Fixed bug where card appearance settings would not be synced between different machines. -Fixed issue in Activate cards, where a set without a name and a saved set would interfere. -The dialog where you name saved sets is now a combobox which also list the current saved sets, to allow for easier updating of a saved set. -Message boxes are now centered over the current window (card browser, ...) as opposed to the main window. -Longer initial interval if the first grade you gave a card is 5. -Fixing card merging losing information on Vocabulary card types (reported by Stephan Maseizik). -Before merging cards, more information is presented on the data that is already in the database (requested by Stephan Maseizik). -Fixed spurious firing of missing media detection (reported by Geir). -Fixed a few bugs when displaying the edit or preview windows from the card browser and using PgUp and PgDown to move to the previous/next card (reported by Chris Schmidt). -When adding a duplicate card, rather than forbidding the user to add it, ask the user if he really wants to do this (requested by Laurent Humblet). -The webserver now supports the -d option to specify the data directory (requested by Sirius533). -Fixed crashes in card browser with non-latin clone names (reported by Gabriel Benamouzig). -Prevent uninstalling a card type plugin if a clone of that card type has been created, even if it does not yet have any cards. -Further fixes for Hebrew (reported by Eliyahu Switzer and Chris). -Upgraded many of the libraries on which Mnemosyne depends (PyQt, numpy, matplotlib) -Updated user contributed translations. Mnemosyne 2.0 : 2012-06-16 Four years in the making, this is essentially a complete rewrite of the old 1.x codebase, with a new, clean design, consisting of components that can be swapped in and out very easily, which allows plugin writers maximum flexibility. Major user-visible changes: -Support for what is called card types. The main user visible changes are that editing a vice versa card or three sided card will automatically update the related card. There is also support for N-sided cards. -Whereas in Mnemosyne 1.x, a card could belong to only one category, now a card can have multiple tags. Tags can also be organised in a hierachy, with '::' separating the levels of the hierachy. -Powerful new card browser, giving much more information and flexibility to organise your cards. -'Activate cards' is completely revamped and is much more flexible. Also, sets of active cards can be now be saved for easier access later. -Graphical statistics, easily extensible through plugins (first implementation by Mike Appleby). -Each individual field in a card can now have its own font, colour, ... which can be set through the GUI. Background colour is also configurable per card type. -The widget that displays the cards is now a full webbrowser, with e.g. support for Javascript, animated gifs, ... . -Added cramming scheduler plugin, which goes through your cards in random order and does not affect the normal scheduler data. It is visually distinguished from the regular scheduler by having only two grade buttons (Right and Wrong). -Sync protocol, to synchronise a mobile device to your desktop client. Fully bidirectional, i.e. you can add new cards on your desktop and review old cards on your phone, and both sets of changes will be merged seamlessly. Can sync with more than 1 partner. Optimised for speed and memory usage on mobile devices. First implementation by Ed Bartosh and Max Usachev. -Prototype webserver for reviews through a browser. Should be functional, but contains no security and is not yet integrated with the GUI. Start the mnemosyne-webserver executable and follow the instructions. Other changes: -Move from Qt3 to Qt4 as GUI toolkit, which has better performance and eliminates many interface quirks. -Move to SQL as the storage backend, resulting in improved speed and memory usage, as well as better scalability for large decks (first implementation by Ed Bartosh). -Added card type for maps, and for cloze deletion. -Plugins can now be turned on and off through the GUI. -Windows use scroll bar when the data does not fit. -When importing a sound or an image, a copy is made to the mnemosyne data directory. This saves some confusing explaining to new users about the difference between relative and absolute paths. -Mnemosyne can now save after each reviewed card. Default is to only save after 10 reps, to save battery. -Avoid showing the same card twice in a row during review. -Replaced 'number of grade 0 cards to hold in your hand' by 'number of non memorised cards to hold in your hand', so that the limit now works on the total of grade 0 and 1 cards. Default value is 10. -Warn if the user memorises over 15 new cards in a session. -The keyboard shortcuts for the reviewing process no longer auto-repeat. -Added option to control whether media (sound/video) gets started automatically when displaying a card (Currently not on Windows due to Qt bug). -Added option to display a media control (play/pause/slider) (Currently not on Windows due to Qt bug). -Improved backup scheme. Users can now restore from backups using the File - Open menu, as opposed to first decompressing a file outside of Mnemosyne. -Importing from XML files has been sped up considerably (Johannes Baiter) -The learning history is now stored in an SQL database, allowing to calculate more statistics. -The plugin mechanism encompasses also the statistics, configuration and card activation screens. -Cards which are failed during learning ahead are now periodically brought back in the learning process. -Mnemosyne now stores its data in a more standards compliant location: C:/Users/peter/Application Data/Mnemosyne under Windows, and /home/pbienst/.local/share/mnemosyne and /home/pbienst/.config/mnemosyne under Linux. -When leaving the program open overnight, the display will update at the roll over point. -Intelligent sorting of categories containing numbers, so that you no longer have to call a category 'Lesson 01' instead of 'Lesson '1 to get the correct ordering (Mike Appleby). Mnemosyne 1.2.2 : 2010-01-29 -Added support for Tim Bourke's Mnemogogo plugin, which enables you to review cards on Java-based phones. See http://www.tbrk.org/software/mnemogogo.html -fix rare hang in preprocessing paths (reported by LooM). -Remove hidden limit on grade 1 cards. -Italian translation by Enrico Leoni. -Turkish translation by Sercan Oruc. -Updated German translation by Dimitri Scheftner. -Updated French translation by Christophe Mealares and Yannick Voglaire. -Hungarian translation by bkile. MNEMOSYNE 1.2.1 : 2009-04-11 This is a bug fix only release, as all the new features are being implemented in the 2.x codebase. -Fix bug so that vice versa cards now always start with grade 0. -Fix problems with missing locale under some unix systems. -Fix hang under Spanish translation. -Danish translation by Randi H. -Esperanto translation by jchthys. -updated Japanese translation by Patrick Kenny. MNEMOSYNE 1.2 : 2008-11-25 -Improved support for unicode in filenames and directories. -Reverted compression of backups from gz to bz2 again, to circumvent a bug under Windows with unicode directory names. -Wrote a plugin to always shuffle the revision queue, for users who want to override the prioritised scheduling introduced in Mnemosyne 1.1. This plugin can also be downloaded from http://www.mnemosyne-proj.org/node/142 -Only open the sound system when needed in order to save CPU time (patch by marmuta). -More robust upgrading from old Mnemosyne versions. -Fix bug where default export location was incorrectly specified. -Reword statistics dialog to make clear that we only show data for the next week. -Norwegian translation by Petter Goksoyr Asen. MNEMOSYNE 1.1.1 : 2008-08-23 Databases opened by this version of Mnemosyne will no longer work under older versions. -Fixed 'learn new cards in random order' problem for imported cards (reported by Adam McCaughan). -Fixed detection of relative paths under Windows (reported by E. Grannan). -Renamed 'number of grade 0 cards to learn at once' to 'number of grade 0 cards to hold in your hand' (suggested by Kenneth Murphy). -Updated Czech translation by Jiri Popelka and Petr Tomica. -Updated Japanese translation by Patrick Kenny. MNEMOSYNE 1.1 : 2008-07-26 -Added statistics for the current card to the statistics window. -More features for plugin writers. Arbitrary code can now be run after the database is loaded, as well as code to intercept and modify question and answer strings before they are displayed. There is a plugin directory in the source distribution with examples, e.g. to activate all the categories on startup, or to add the last grade to the answer text, or to add a new import file format (CSV in this case), or to create custom tags and run its contents in an external program. -New cards can either be learned in random order or in the order that they were added (configurable through the GUI). -Prioritise cards forgotten during the review over cards which have not yet been committed to long-term memory. -Improved scheduling of overdue cards, by placing those with a shorter interval first. Being a day late on an interval of 2 could be much worse than being a day late on an interval of 50. -Fix some keyboard shortcut quirks (reported by Stephen Boulet and varkhan1). -Removed pyxml dependency. This fixes the "'module' object has no attribute 'DefaultHandler'" error message on Ubuntu (Albert Damen). -Hebrew translation by Michal T. -Updated Japanese translation by Patrick Kenny. MNEMOSYNE 1.0.2 : 2008-07-10 -Added import/export support for CueCard wcu files (Chris Aakre). -Added features to improve display of map cards from svgtoquiz (Timothy Bourke). -Added support for Mac installer through py2app (Konrad Wojas). -On OSX, Mnemosyne now stores its data in Library/Mnemosyne (Konrad Wojas). -Added ... tags. Text within these tags will not be touched by 'increase size of non-latin characters' (Konrad Wojas). -Changed compression format of the backups from bz2 to gz. This results in less compression, but a much faster program exit (suggested by Konrad Wojas). -Added midi files to "import sound" file dialog (suggested by Johan Forsberg). -Polish translation by Tomasz Nazarenko. -Japanese translation by Patrick Kenny. -Persian translation by Bahman Eslami. -Brazilian Portugese translation by Fabio Kreusch. -Make dvipng invocation more robust. Especially helpful for Ubuntu users. (Thanks to Stephen Boulet and franny1). -Fixed bug where day_starts_at was not working (Konrad Wojas). -Fixed bug where relative paths wouldn't work with non-standard directory locations (reported by reynard and stvltvs). -Fixed bug with non-latin filenames and increase size of non-latin characters (Nils Barth). -Make import of Supermemo for Palm databases more robust (Felix Engel). -Make XML import from svgtoquiz more robust (bug reported by Mercado1). MNEMOSYNE : 2008-03-22 -Disabled making grade 0 the keyboard default for cards with previous grades 0 or 1, as a (Py)Qt bug seems to make it unreliable under Windows (reported by Bernhard Blum). MNEMOSYNE 1.0.1 : 2008-03-16 -Make grade 0 the keyboard default for cards with previous grades 0 or 1. -Add support for html style escaped unicode in txt import, to allow import of Supermemo databases containing unicode (requested by Patrick Kenny). -Support import of Supermemo for Palm databases that were converted to XML by smconv.pl from http://smconvpl.sourceforge.net (code by Felix Engel). -Make import of tab delimited files more robust (reported by nairbv). -Added new option in config.py (backups_to_keep) to be able to change the number of daily backups to keep. Set to -1 for no limit (requested by Patrick Kenny). -Added new option in config.py (day_starts_at) to be able to change the moment a new day starts (requested by Patrick Kenny). -On Windows, log errors to a file in the user's directory, as opposed to a file in a system directory (requested by nairbv). -Visually distinguish grades 0 and 1 from other grades (based on input from Juan Alonso and Mike Charlton.) -Czech translation (cs) by Jiri Popelka and Petr Tomica. -Chinese translation (zh_CN, zh_HK, zh_SG, zh_TW) by Leon Goo. -French translation (fr) by Jamshid Bahar. MNEMOSYNE 1.0 : 20071227 -Mnemosyne can now be run from a USB drive. Copy the Mnemosyne directory from C:\Program Files to your USB drive, and then copy the .mnemosyne directory from inside your home directory to inside the Mnemosyne directory on the USB drive. Alternatively, you can start mnemosyne with the -d option to specify where .mnemosyne directory is located, e.g. F:\Mnemosyne\mnemosyne.exe -d F:\.mnemosyne To run the Linux version from a USB key, untar the source file mnemosyne-X.X.tgz (with X.X the version number) to the USB key. Copy your .mnemosyne directory to the USB key as well. Change to the directory where the USB key is mounted and type PYTHONPATH=mnemosyne-X.X python mnemosyne-X.X/mnemosyne/pyqt_ui/mnemosyne -d . (This assumes that the system you are working on has Python installed, as well as all the libraries Mnemosyne requires.) -new logo, thanks to a contributor whose name sadly got lost in the demise of the open-collab site. -new icons, based on the Crystal iconset. -added tip of the day wizard. -implemented a basic plugin system. The directory .mnemosyne/plugins can contain Python scripts which will be executed at run time and which can be used to customise Mnemosyne or add new features. -when importing from tab separated txt files, the presence of 3 columns on a line gives results in the import of 3-sided cards (written form / pronunciation / translation). -choosing 'reset learning data' on export now preserves the relationship between cards (for e.g. inverses and three-sided cards). -automatically back up the database to XML on exit. The last five backups are kept in .mnemosyne/backup. -support for multiple sound tags per field (requested by compiu). -removed a few rarely used options from the configuration dialog and placed them in .mnemosyne/config.py, a new file which can be used to set these and other rarely used options. -increase the maximum value of 'increase size of non-latin characters' to 200 (requested by Mike Charlton). -make 'increase size of non-latin characters' more robust (Nils Kriha). Previously, not all values of this setting would result in a visible change. -don't count inactive cards in the grade distribution in the statistics window (reported by Joonatan Kaartinen). -add support for translations. (German translation provided by Martin Mueller, Spanish by Daniel Alvarez Wise and Juan Alonsa, Dutch by Edwin de Jong) The translation will be chosen automatically based on your system's localisation, but can be overridden by editing the 'locale' variable in .mnemosyne/config.py. -improved tooltips. -added desktop file, so that Mnemosyne shows up in the application menu under Linux. -more verbose error messages when an import failed, showing the line that failed to parse. -log uploading now works if a proxy is needed to access the web. -added support for Unicode filenames. -recreate user id from history folder in case the config file was accidentally deleted. -don't exit when final save failed (requested by lebowski_404). -added more supported sound and picture formats. -don't stumble over (invalid) unicode in latex commands (reported by Tomek Guzialek). -fixed 'Save as' option. MNEMOSYNE 0.9.10 : 2007-10-28 -added 3-sided cards, to make dealing with vocabulary in foreign scripts easier. Right clicking the text field in 'add cards' gives you to option to switch to 3-sided card input, which replaces the question and answer fields by 3 fields: written form, pronunciation, translation. After selecting an initial grade, 2 cards will be added: Q: written form A: pronunciation translation and Q: translation A: written form pronunciation -when creating multiple cards from the same data (either through add vice versa or the 3-sided input), the relationship between these cards is now stored. In a future version, this will make it possible that editing one card of the set automatically updates the other ones. -added feature to insert an image or a sound tag by using a file selector. Accessed through popup-menu or keyboard shortcuts. -remember more settings across invocations: file formats and directories, reset learning data, column width and sorting order, ... -rationalised keyboard shortcuts and menus. Added list of keyboard shortcuts to the website. -polished file dialogs. -when possible, paths in the config file are now saved relative to the .mnemosyne directory rather than as absolute paths. This makes it easier to copy the .mnemosyne directory back and forth between a Linux and a Windows machine. -respect duplicate handling configuration options when importing (reported by lebowski_404). -latex output and error messages are now written to the file .mnemosyne/latex/latex_out.txt rather than to the screen, so that they are not lost for Windows users. -fixed bug when showing the statistics for an empty database (reported by Gintautas Miliauskas). MNEMOSYNE 0.9.9 : 2007-08-16 -added 'Show statistics' menu option, showing the schedule for the next week, the distribution of the items over the grades and the number of items for each category. -added simple per-item statistics in pop-up menu in 'edit items'. -performance improvements. -new latex tags, based on code by Christopher Gilbreth and bug reports by Jamned: -&lt$>...&lt/$> : for inline equations -&lt$$>...&lt/$$> : for centered equations on a separate line -&ltlatex>...&lt/latex> : for latex code not in a certain environment This means that the functionality of the old &ltlatex>...&lt/latex> tags is now taken over by &lt$>...&lt/$>. However, there is no need to update your items, as you can rely on the following new feature: -don't abort on small latex errors which the latex interpreter can fix itself (like missing $) (requested by S. Scharrer). -the preamble and postamble used when processing the latex tags can now be customised by editing the files 'preamble' and 'postamble' in &lthome dir>/.mnemosyne/latex. -the command invoking dvipng to create images from latex can now be customised by editing the file 'dvipng' in &lthome dir>/.mnemosyne/latex -remember category and vice-versa settings across invocations when adding items. -add maximise button to add and edit items under Windows (thanks to pizzasource and S. Scharrer). -respect setting 'number of grade 0 items to learn at once' to zero (reported by pizzasource). -fix word wrap when using left alignment (reported by TomC). -don't abort when sound initialisation fails. MNEMOSYNE 2007-04-23 -fix scheduling bug when importing new grade 0 items (reported by Jim Slattery). -remove incorrect statement with respect to grade 2 behaviour from the manual. In 0.9.8, the code was changed to be consistent with the old manual. This has been reverted, so that grade 2 behaviour is again more like 0.9.7. MNEMOSYNE 0.9.8: 2007-04-13 -added sound support through tags like &ltsound src="a.wav">. The path to the sound file is either absolute or relative to the location of your .mem file. To play the sound again, press the 'R' key in the main window. Supported file formats are wav, ogg and mp3. On Linux, this requires properly installing pygame and its dependencies like SDL. -add option to increase size of non-latin characters relative to latin characters (together with N. Kriha). -disable 'edit item' as long as the answer is not shown, to prevent accidentally revealing it (patch by D. Herrmann). -fix handling of &lt inside latex tags (reported by jgurling, patch by N. Kriha). -warn when exiting an 'Add items' which contains an item which has not been added (requested by Airconditioning). -fix UTF-8 handling in the Supermemo7 file format (reported by Loco) -fix corner cases in scheduling algorithm (patch by Querido). -make button ordering more consistent in add items (reported by N. Kriha). -fixed handling of multiple latex tags (reported by M. Boespflug). -don't hang on latex errors (reported by M. Boespflug). -make tab-separated import resistant to the presence of multiple tabs (reported by J. Forrez). -fixed hang when end quotes are not present inside a tag. -fixed regression where the active flag of categories was not respected on import (reported by A. Rachmatullah). -respect left align option in 'preview items' (reported by E. Grannan). -making saving more robust while Windows is shutting down (fix by Tom). -various small interface cleanups and fixes. MNEMOSYNE 0.9.7: 2006-10-27 -multiple items can now be selected in the 'edit items' dialog in order to delete them, change their categories, or add their vice versas. -added option to import text files where question and answer are each on their own line. -again respect window size set by user. -make delete button work in 'edit items' dialog (reported by J. Forrez). -worked around oddity (extra first character in text file) when importing Word unicode text files. -various small interface cleanups and fixes. -updated documentation on the website. MNEMOSYNE 0.9.6: 2006-10-07 -added LaTeX support for formulas, e.g. &ltlatex>x^2+y^2=z^2&lt/latex>. For this you need latex and dvipng installed. Windows users can download MiKTeX. (thanks to input from Henrik Skov Midtiby and J. David Lee.) -added possibility to preview an item. Useful if you work with tags. -added import from SuperMemo7 text files (code thanks to Dirk Herrmann). -either space, enter or return can be used to show the answer. The default answer grade is set to 4, which once again can be chosen by either space, enter or return (patch by Dirk Herrmann). -importing of txt files in utf8 unicode encoding now works (patch by Ian MacLean). -exporting to txt files now uses utf8 encoding. -the total number of items in the status bar now only takes into account items in active categories (patch by Mike Charlton). -prevent infinite recursion when searching for an item that was recently deleted. -the titlebar now displays unicode filenames correctly. -after the window expands to accomodate a large item, it will shrink back again. -fixed incorrect button text when switching databases. -new grade 0/1 items will now be scheduled after existing grade 0/1 items. MNEMOSYNE 0.9.5: 2006-08-03 *** IMPORTANT UPGRADE NOTICE *** This version uses a different database format. Before upgrading, export your old data as xml. After upgrade, create a new database and import the old data from the xml file. -databases can now be moved back and forth between Windows and Unix. -added 'Reset learning data on export' option. This makes it easier to create a file to share with other people. -the database is now saved each time a new item is added. -fixed a bug where exporting to txt always exported all categories (reported by Dariusz Laska). -items which you forget will no longer be pushed out of the revision queue by items which you still need to learn. MNEMOSYNE 0.9.4: 2006-06-04 - category names are now sorted alphabetically. - relative path names now work for multiple img tags in the same string. (patch by J. David Lee). - removed leftover debug code which could cause problems with Unicode items. MNEMOSYNE 0.9.3: 2006-05-25 - relative paths can now be used in img tags, i.e. &ltimg src="foo/bar.png"> instead of &ltimg src="/home/johndoe/.mnemosyne/foo/bar.png">. Paths are relative to the location of the *.mem file. - added ability to export to a txt file (only the questions and the answers are exported). - added locking mechanism which warns you if you start a second instance of the program, which could lead to data loss. - fixed obscure button labelling bug (patch by J. David Lee). MNEMOSYNE 0.9.2: 2006-03-25 *** IMPORTANT UPGRADE NOTICE *** This version uses a different database format. Before upgrading, export your old data as xml. After upgrade, create a new database and import the old data from the xml file. - only a limited number of grade 0 items is moved to the learning queue at a single time. This is 5 by default, but can be set through the configuration screen - added ability to import from tab separated text files (as exported e.g. by Excel) MNEMOSYNE 0.9.1: 2006-02-09 - fixed bug where an item would get asked twice after editing - fixed bug when using the popup menu on an empty spot MNEMOSYNE 0.9: 2006-02-08 - first release of the new core.