Currently contains only major scales, with staves and sound samples, although I intend to add content over the coming months, starting with minor scales and chords.

Should be considered beta quality - I know nothing about music (that's why I made the cards! :) ). I'm uploading it 'half done' hoping to get feedback, so I don't have to redo massive amounts of cards later.

Corrections, comments and suggestions are therefore very welcome - email address in the card set.

A collection of beginner and intermediate ranges for 37 musical instruments along with any applicable transpositions. The beginner range is listed outside of the parenthesis while the intermediate range is listed inside of the parenthesis. Invaluable information for music composition.

The deck is split into three categories:

Italian Tempo Markings
German Tempo Markings
French Tempo Markings

When applicable, the tempo markings list the correlated BPM ranges in parenthesis.

Flashcards of the guitar fretboard with reverse questions.

Flashcards of clefs.

- Treble,
- Base,
- Alto,
- Tenor,
- Reverse questions,
- and common mnemonics.

These are three sets of the musical key signatures, one for major and one for minor scales, and one combined. I hand-made the images in the images directory using Microsoft Paint, and typed the names of the scales into Mnemosyne from common knowledge, which I checked for accuracy with a couple of sources. Because of difficulty at the time in finding a font for sharps and flats, and there being no symbol for major or minor, the names are spelled out in English.

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