Android client

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Some topics related to the Android client:

Syncing problems

In case you run into syncing problems, it's always best to start again from scratch, i.e. after deleting /sdcard/Mnemosyne. If you still have troubles, contact us at Google Groups page with the exact error message you're getting, and we'll be more than happy to help.

Use default.db

At the moment, the Android client only supports syncing the default database. If your cards are in multiple databases, you can use File - Import to import all your other *.db files into default.db, and then use 'Activate cards' and saved sets to only study parts of your cards.

Can I store my database on an external SD card?

Maybe. Android is notably fractured when it comes to dealing with SD cards. By default, Mnemosyne will store its database in a directory returned by getExternalStorageDirectory(), which typically is /sdcard. However, on some devices this is still internal storage, not external storage.

If you want to use a different location, create a file datadir.txt in /sdcard/Mnemosyne with a line containing the required datadir, e.g.:


For permissions, it's very important that the path ends with Android/data/org.mnemosyne/files. Then, you can copy/move the other files from /sdcard/Mnemosyne to the new datadir, so that e.g. default.db sits right under the .../files/ directory.