Custom tag

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Plugin to intercept a custom tag of the form in the question and answer text, and open its content in a separate program.

The attached file is not in the '*.plugin' format, since you need to edit it before it does anything useful. So, change the extension to *.py, edit the file and change the following variables to what you want:

tag_name = "my_tag"
tag_program = ["/bin/cat"]

Note: under Windows, you might need to specify the full path of the program location.

Mnemosyne Compatibility: 

  • 2.1+

Plugin Status: 



This version of Custom tag

This version of Custom tag plugin behaves differently from the previous one. When it encounters a card with the custom tag, it doesn't show the question side of that card, but, still showing the previous card, it runs the tag-associated application, feeds it all the instances of custom tag in the card, no matter if they are in the question or the answer side of the card, waits for the application to finish, and only then shows the question side of the card. So, if the custom tag is in the answer side of the card, this plugin "answers" before showing the question.
The previous version doesn't have any of this issues, but unfortunately it doesn't run on v. 2.x