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A Mnemosyne plugin to render consistenly formated multiple-guess Front-to-back
cards with random answer order. v1.0

This plugin only affects card rendering while toggled on. No permanent changes
are made to cards.

Currently only supports mnemosyne Front-to-back cards and questions that have four
choices, starting on a newline with one of the characters A through D, followed
by a period and space. This format is what was used by the ARRL General
License 2019 question pool.

Sample question text:
Which symbol in figure G7-1 represents a field effect transistor?

A. Symbol 2
B. Symbol 5
C. Symbol 1
D. Symbol 4

Sample answer text:
C. Symbol 1
4.3 Basic Components

See also the card set "ARRL_General_Class_Pool_2019-2023" - https://mnemosyne-proj.org/cards/arrlgeneralclasspool2019-2023

Mnemosyne Compatibility: 

  • 2.4+

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