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Show statistics abbreviations on the right of the status bar. (v1.0.1)

Users are recommended to also install my another "Card Statistics". The two plugins together will provide all the information you need!

All abbreviations are listed as follows:

In: The previously graded card will show up again IN how many days. Unavailable if you didn't grade any card.
Ft: The numbers of scheduled cards in the FUTURE. The default will show 15 day(s) and make 5 day(s) a group.
Sched: The number of SCHEDULED cards today.
Not: The number of NOT memorized cards.
Act: The number of ACTIVE cards.

Limitation: The status bar is only displayed/updated after you grade a card or after the displayed fields (e.g. Q/A) is changed (due to appearance of a new card or changes made to the current card).

Note: Don't activate the plugin with Cramming Scheduler Plugin.

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  • 2.4+

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Does your plugin have any effect on Schedule ?

Hello Bono Shih.
I just installed your plugin "Card Statistics" .

1. It helps me to see the Next Interval, thus to choose the Grading button appropriately on the next Similar card(s).

I noticed the Next Intervals of 39 40 41 42 days displayed by Plugin. But, ...
When I opened the Browser, the Next Interval, in all 4 instances, was 1 month.

I'd appreciate your looking into it.


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Re: Does your plugin have any effect on Schedule ?

Thanks for your feedback for my "Card Statistics", but it should be replied on its own plugin page. We are now in the page for my another plugin "Statistics Abbreviation", not for the "Card Statistics".

The "card browser" in Mnemosyne don't reveal the exact date a card will reappear. When your card is scheduled between the 31st and 61st in the future, the card browser will only report that it will reappear in one month. You could check this by looking into the following code and search for the keyword "in 1 month":

In fact, you could check "Show Statistics" (hotkey Ctrl + t), which reports the number of scheduled cards in the following days in exactly when they will reappear, to learn when it is exactly scheduled. Also, you could install my another plugin "Statistics Abbreviation". In "In", you could know when your previous graded card will exactly reappear.

By the way, remember that "the Next Intervals" in my "Card Statistics" plugin is only the "expected" time. This plugin will not affect how the scheduler arrange card review. It only requests the information about cards by some system functions in Mnemosyne.

Hope my response will be answering your question!