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Show card statistics on the left of the status bar. (v1.0.1)

Users are recommended to also install my another "Statistics Abbreviation". The two plugins together will provide all the information you need!

All abbreviations of the current card are listed as follows:

Ln: LEARNING repetitions
Re: REVIEW repetitions
TT: TOTAL THINKING time (secs)
NR: Expected NEXT REPETITION (days after) when graded 1/2/3/4/5. The actual repetition is subject to randomness and will be around the expected one.

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  • 2.4+

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This Plugin is a HUGE help in Scheduling.

Thanks, Bono, for your thorough reply.
The Statistics plugin:
1a. Is an almost perfect Companion to Mnemo schedul'g a-rithm.
1b. Allows me to save time by eliminating repetitions ( scheduled by Mnemosyne ) which will be too early or too late.
2. For a tough card, I can reduce Easiness -- to see the card earlier then Mnemo would schedule.
3. For new card, I can see the Next Interval for ALL buttons; depending on the card Complexity, I can choose the button which IMO is best for ME.
4. Easy to use.
5. There are a few MINOR quirks; they are not even worth mentioning ( unless you ask ).

There is one thing I'd like to see in the Stats:

One more Interval ( n-2 ).
I will describe details in the other Post here.

Huge Thank you, Bono !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Card Stats Option request

Hello, Bono.
Your Card Statistics plugin is INVALUABLE time saver.

There is one thing I'd like to see in the Stats:
One more past Interval ( n-2 ).

Example. Let's say the stat is: ...... LR18 // NR 0/17/25/34
I'd like to see one more Interval: LR12/18 // --"---"----"-----"
Reason: more History will allow me to grade the card more precisely ( time saver; will reduce the Number of Lapses; or increase the Next Interval -- if the Intervals for Grades 4 and 5 differ; a lot of times they are the same -- you probably know this ).

Again, thanks Bono.

card statistics

Hi Bonoshi,
unfortunately I have no clue how to write plugins, but I would love to have the old Mnemosyne plugins back, which showed only the amount of cards scheduled for the next 3 days at one glance and the amount of forgotten cards. It helped a lot to plan ahead and estimate the amount of time I would have to "set aside" for my studying.

Your plugins are certainly very helpful, but I find all these numbers quite confusing.
I'm more into languages, than into numbers ;)
I don't know how time-consuming it would be to change your plugin slightly(?), but is there a chance that you could make a "simplified" form of your plugin available?
I'd be eternally grateful!
Kind regards