These are cards of all Chinese provinces and autonomous regions and their capitals, and Taiwan which is also claimed as a province by the PRC.

- maps
- names in Chinese characters (both traditional and simplified)
- pinyin

The following categories are available:
- Chinese Regions (map to name)
- Chinese Regions (name to map)
- Chinese Region Capitals (by region)
- Chinese Region Capitals (by capital)

This set of cards contains maps of most of the countries in Europe.

Flags of 197 sovereign states

This is a collection of all the countries recognized by the UN as being located in Asia (plus Papua New Guinea), made properly with none of that "This red bit and the bits south of it" or "What's this strange little island in the Arctic Sea you can't even see on the map?" garbage.

To use, unzip the file into your .mnemosyne directory, and import the .mnemosyne/Asia.xml into your installation.

The 50 U.S. State capitals. The questions are asked in normal and reverse, for a total of 100.

This set of cards contains most of the capital cities of europe.
Names in english, german and spanish, the overlay version also
supports italian and greek names.

Quizzes the 8 provinces, 6 metropolitan cities, 1 special city, and 1 autonomous province of South Korea.

All spellings are in the Revised Romanization of Korean:

Quizzes the eight provinces, three special administrative regions, and one directly-governed city of North Korea.

All spellings are in the Revised Romanization of Korean:

Although the otherwise excellent "Americas" deck includes Central America, I found the Central American countries too small to discern easily. This deck is probably best imported into that larger Americas deck, or some other sizable geography deck.

Counties of Romania. One-sided cards for now (name -> location). Hopefully I'll have time to do the other side (location -> name) some time in the future. The cards use the "answerbox:overlay" feature.

Judete ale Romaniei. Cartile au o singura fata (nume -> locatie). Sper sa pot face si cealalta fata (locatie -> nume) candva. Cartile folosesc abilitatea "answerbox:overlay".


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