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This deck contains 199 (aka almost all) countries of the world as country-name/country-outline-on-a-map pairs. The front of the card shows country name and an empty map of a larger geographic region, the back of the card shows the country marked in red, but without the country name. So the cards can be used front-to-back ("Where is this country?") and back-to-front ("Name that country!").


The nations of the world and their capitals, as reported by Wikipedia on July 6th, 2013.

Cards for learning the 50 states of the USA.

Cards for learning the countries of Europe. Note that some of the nations are not included due to the small size of the nations. I you want all nations, Vatican etc use the excellent script by Timothy Bourke to generate new cards. I added the country codes to the answers since I wanted to learn them as well.

Cards for learning the countries of Africa.

* Most of the smaller island nations and territories are not included.
* Only one of the Sao Tome & Principe islands is highlighted due to
limitations in the svgtoquiz script.

A collection of 30 countries and islands in the Americas.


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