Scripts and Plugins

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Download scripts and plugins to extend Mnemosyne.

Note: some of these third-party plugins and scripts still need to be updated to work with Mnemosyne >=2.4. Please contact the author directly.

IDET Test purposes
DrawAnswerScript ready for testing.

helps with the numbers

This is a script for Mnemosyne makes possible to quickly produce dots (locations) or block out with fields (occlude) an area of an bitmap image for learning the names of those areas in Mnemosyne. Each dot or field is then made into to “map” cards for importing into Mnemosyne via a text file. You can later modify the position of the field or dot by editing the card in mnemosyne. See readme for more information.
Randomizes a list of multiple choice answers. Extract everything into your db_media directory. Insert into front card like this: What is the surname of the actor in Rio Bravo? <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript">var choicesArray = new Array("Wayne", "Taylor", "Ford", "Hemingway");</SCRIPT><SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript" SRC="scripts/multipleChoice.js"></SCRIPT> .
An example of an importation python script from a html file to a tab-separated file

Plugin to intercept a custom tag of the form in the question and answer text, and open its content in a separate program.

The attached file is not in the '*.plugin' format, since you need to edit it before it does anything useful. So, change the extension to *.py, edit the file and change the following variables to what you want:

tag_name = "my_tag"
tag_program = ["/bin/cat"]

Note: under Windows, you might need to specify the full path of the program location.