Scripts and Plugins

Download scripts and plugins to extend Mnemosyne.

Note: some of these third-party plugins and scripts still need to be updated to work with Mnemosyne >=2.4. Please contact the author directly.

Show card statistics on the left of the status bar. (v1.0.1)

Users are recommended to also install my another "Statistics Abbreviation". The two plugins together will provide all the information you need!

All abbreviations of the current card are listed as follows:

Allow faster markup of some common formatting for cards entered from
dictionary entries:
[text] is italicized.
{text} is italicized and parenthesized.

Also shortcuts for italics and bold that are easier to type than html:
_text_ is italicized.
*text* is made bold.

Shortcuts for colours that are easier to type:
`text` gives red
``text`` gives gray
#text# gives blue
##text## gives green

Unformatted versions of the various symbols can be entered by adding a preceding backslash, for example \#, \`, \_, \*.