Basic Esperanto (based on Lernu courses)



Judith Meyer


This flashcard set contains almost 750 distinct flashcards Esperanto to English, taken from the free beginner courses at (a great resource!). They are divided into categories by course:
- Ana Pana and its continuation Ana Renkontas
- Mi estas komencanto
- Jen nia IJK

If you activate one category, the vocabulary will appear in the order that it was presented in the course, lesson by lesson, so that you can use it to accompany on your studies. Or you can de-activate categories and randomize the words in order to learn almost 750 of the most useful Esperanto words at once and catapult yourself out of the "beginner" level.

The file esperanto.xml contains the full vocabulary for each of the courses, which means that there are approximately 200 duplicates, as several courses introduce important words like "kaj" (and). For esperanto_nodup.xml I took out those duplicates, which means that the vocabulary lists for an individual course is no longer complete. So if you want to study a particular course's vocabulary, you should use esperanto.xml and if you just want to learn lots of basic Esperanto vocabulary, use esperanto_nodup.xml.

Both files use the native Esperanto chapelliteroj (consonants with ^ on top) rather than a transliteration, so use a Unicode font to display the words correctly.

I hope this collection will be useful to you!

Judith Meyer


These are the words taught in several free online multimedia Esperanto courses for beginners at .
Courses from which the vocabulary was taken:

* Ana Pana
* Ana Renkontas (continuation of Ana Pana)
* Mi estas komencanto
* Jen nia IJK

Mnemosyne Compatibility: 

  • 2.1+

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