Latin Vocabulary

Vocabulary for Wheelock's Latin 7th Edition. Updated from Stephen J. Fuhry's 6th edition cards with macrons added. Please comment with any corrections or suggestions.

The Latin for the New Millennium by Milena Minkova and Terence Tunberg

This is a growing list of the vocab from the book Reading Latin: Grammar Vocab and Exercises. It will contain only the learning Vocabulary.

Current update: 1D
2.1+ compatability

This cardset presents the vocabulary words in Nepos' Life of Hannibal that are not found in the Dickinson College Commentaries Core Latin Vocabulary.

The cards have been tagged by chapter within the Life of Hannibal

Vocabulary for Wheelock's Latin 6th Edition, organized by chapter.

Divided by chapter (1-5)

Wheelock's Latin recommends learning the macrons (like ā) when learning vocabulary. This set allows you to do that with Mnemosyne.

These are all of the words to remember and words to help from Minimus - Starting out in Latin.

Vocabulary for the Oxford Latin Course, American College Edition. Tags categorize vocab by chapter and word type. Deponent, defective, and impersonal verbs are are also tagged.


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