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Some vocabulary met during watching video news on internet

Leet , 1337, or l33t, also known as leetspeak, is another alphabet for the English language used mostly on the internet in forums, chat rooms and online games. It uses various combinations of ASCII characters to replace Latinate letters.


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For Chinese. 2500+ words come from 《新东方TOFEL词汇》, 2000+ from 《GRE核心词汇考法精析》, others from Barron's.

This, in fact, is a collection of some of the other card collections which are essential for a professional English language learner, and it is nothing but a combination of 700_difficult_gre_words.cards, Barrons_GRE.cards, gmat.cards, toefl_essential.cards, and some other wonderful card sets on this very website. Plus, all the duplicates are removed from this file. It now contains 6113 of very important and literate(-ish) words in English language.

Now this is a real deal collection of English phrasal verbs(=Verb + proposition & a little bit more) cards. Some might hate it, some might get headaches while studying it, some might enjoy it, and a few might fall in love with it! What is obvious is that this set of cards is useful and beneficial to your EFL learning.

Have fun

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Now this is a little bit over the top, and actually a trial to memorize a dictionary, but anyways... Those who think taking a look at these beautifully and carefully constructed and professional looking cards won't hurt that much, could give it a try here.

This package contains of some 21000++ of the best and well known American idioms. You might want to disable all your other categories and just stick with these idioms, if it is what you need right now.

By adding this card set to your data base of cards, you will learn the names of about 150+ different animals.

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Have fun!

This is about 140 advanced medical terms.

The reading of the kanji is generally not given unless it's particularly difficult. If anyone is interested, however, I can add the readings.


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