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from glossary of Software testing foundations : a study guide for the certified tester exam

Flash Cards for Security +

Herczeg, M., 2009. SoftwareErgonomie: Theorien, Modelle und Kriterien für gebrauchstaugliche interaktive Computersysteme. 3. Aufl., Oldenbourg.

Pohl, K., 2008. Requirements Engineering: Grundlagen, Prinzipien,Techniken. 2. Aufl., dpunkt.Verlag GmbH.

This is a comprehensive list of Linux commands.

These are more or less my notes in a Q and A format that I took while studying for the CCIE Routing and Switching written exam.

This is a complete collection of keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Word from Office XP, as listed in the Help system.

I categorised them the same way as in the Help system, but I shortened the category names. I also left out some shortkeys that were already covered in other categories, and some self-explanatory ones.

I translated everything to English from a Dutch Office version.


The original source for these flash cards can be found here:

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