This deck is of the alphabet used in the transcription of Hindi. The deck consists of cards with the Devanagari letters and transliteration of those letters. The vice versa cards are also included.

The vowels are shown in their isolated form and also as a diacritic with the consonant рдк.

This deck contains 1317 cards based on vocabulary from the book, ripped from flashcardexchange. All cards organized by Chapter. This deck contains 17 chapters but there's an 18th chapter I didn't find on flashcardexchange. I'll add it myself when I get the time.

I haven't verified the entire deck yet so there may be some mistakes. Let me know about any corrections/additions to be made in the comments section.

If there's any problem with the font, set the Q&A font to any devanagiri font. It should display correctly.

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