Contains upper- and lower-case Greek letters and their names in English.

The Greek letters are encoded in Unicode, so you'll need to use a Unicode
font (e.g., Palatino Linotype) to see them.

With Mnemosyne being a Greek word, I was a bit surprised at how difficult it was to find a Greek phrase survival guide on the internet. To save everyone the hassle of sifting through thousands of pages that have the words "Greek" and "Mnemosyne" and "language" I created one from a pretty comprehensive list and posted it here. The question is the English phrase, and the answer is first a phonetic spelling of the Greek phrase, and in parentheses the actual spelling in the Greek alphabet. Enjoy!

This collection contains 65 Ancient Greek words that make up 50% of all words in Greek literature. The frequency list was generated by analyzing the Greek database of the Perseus Project.

This collection includes all the words of Metzger's Lexical Aids for Students of New Testament Greek. Entries are recorded precisely as they appear in the third edition of Metzger's book. Categories are based on Metzger's divisions. Vocabulary used 15 times or less will be added at a later date. To use, just import the file. You'll need to configure Mnemosyne (Settings --> Configure Mnemosyne), changing the Q/A font to Galatia SIL (present with most Logos installations, or downloadable here). Recommended italics, size 20 font.

This card set includes various morphologies used in Advanced Greek Reading I at Moody Bible Institute. Regarding studying, it is easiest to simply activate one category at a time, as some questions remain the same under multiple categories though they have different answers.

De kaarten zijn opgesteld volgens het Reading Greek handboek. De set bevat de Griekse woordenschat, vanaf hoofdstuk drie staan de genitieven er ook bij.
Persoonlijke voorkeur lettertype is Times, dit geeft de diakritische tekens duidelijk weer.

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