22 Unconjugated Korea Verbs (Test)

This is a small card set for learning Hangul, the Korean alphabet. It covers only the basic uses of each of the letters.

The cards contain the Korean characters, their romanizations, and their IPA equivalents.
Romanization is according to the official Korean language romanization, the Revised Romanization of Korean.

about 3000 words

This is a flashcard set for all 214 radicals of Sino-Japanese script, as described in classic Chinese Kangxi dictionary (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kangxi_Dictionary).

Primary intent behind this pack is to help people learn Japanese Kanji/Chinese characters, by allowing them to visually decompose each character into its constituent radicals, and thus memorize characters not by strokes, but by big and meaningful stroke groups, which eases the task immensely.

This is a collection of phrases (mostly negative context) from American dramas such as CSI, Emergency room, Sex and the City, 24, etc.

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