Hist 344 Wealth and Power test 1 flashcards

This card set is to learn which insignia correspond with the SS ranks, beginning with the SS-Rottenf├╝hrer.

This card set contains 20 Q/A pairs which teach the full version of the Bill of Rights as well as 20 Q/A pairs which teach a summarized version of the Bill of Rights. These pairs are in different categories, so you may pick one or the other (or both) if you wish.

This card set contains 14 Q/A pairs which teaches the full Gettysburg Address given by Abraham Lincoln on November 19th, 1863. There are multiple versions of the Gettysburg Address; I have used the text as it is presented at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC, USA.

Look at the picture, can you tell which U.S. president this is?
Currently up to 44th President: Barack Obama

List of US Presidents. Currently up to 44th President: Barack Obama

Q: George Washington
A: 1st President of the USA

Q: 42nd President of the USA
A: Bill Clinton

List of U.S. states by date of statehood.
- "The order in which the original 13 states ratified the constitution, then the order in which the others were admitted to the union"

Separated into two categories:
- Original 13 states
- Others (14 and onwards...)

*and reverse questions as well...

A few hundred questions about various aspects of Chinese history and culture.

This is from a study guide distributed internally to my work for knowledge bowl celebrating Black History Month. It has several categories and is in Jeopardy-style answers and questions

topics include
People and things

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