Gettysburg Address



Bill Price


This card set contains 14 Q/A pairs which teaches the full Gettysburg Address given by Abraham Lincoln on November 19th, 1863. There are multiple versions of the Gettysburg Address; I have used the text as it is presented at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC, USA.


The text used was copied from this source:

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Anki is , IMO, beter for History learning

In Anki, you can design multiple Clozes so that
you can opt to not have Sisters! Example:

"We have come to {{c1::dedicate a portion}} of that field
as a {{c2::final resting-place for those}}
who here gave their lives
that {{c3::this nation might live}}.
It is altogether {{c4::fitting and proper}} that we should do this."

This layout will give you 4 cards only.