Set of Nobel Prize cards for Chemistry

For cem 152 final

Contains two sets of cards:

(1) Elements and Elemental Symbols
(2) Atomic Number

The primary difference between this and DBOOKSTA's set is that, in addition to items like this:

Q: Symbol: Cu
A: Copper

it now asks the opposite of the question, like this:

Q: Copper
A: Symbol: Cu

Contains two Categories:

1. Elemental Symbols

2. Atomic Number, which covers elements up to atomic number 100 excluding Lanthanides and Actinides.

Full names, three-letter codes and one-letter codes for the 20 naturally occurring amino acids (80 cards in total):
Name to three-letter (20 cards), three-letter to name (20 cards), name to one-letter (20 cards), one-letter to name (20 cards)

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