currently working on this set during a university course on portuguese (mainly) from portugal. Of course there will be personal annotations and probably some mistakes in the set, but I guess it is a good start. :)

Currently ~1500 words

Right now, this flashcard set contains the vocabulary for lessons 1-15 of the Newbie Series found at . These podcasts are free and available to all countries, so I hope that others will find this flashcard set useful.

I put the vocabulary all in one category so that later I can make a different category and expand it with the vocabulary from later lessons or other series.

I hope this collection will be useful to you!

Chaque carte est construite ainsi :

question : forme infinitive en allemand
réponse :
3ème personne du présent de l'indicatif
traduction en français
La liste contient 126 verbes.

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