Toki Pona

The following are the part-of-speech abbreviations:

n: head noun
mod: modifier (adjective or adverb)
sep: separator
vt: verb, transitive (normally used with e)
vi: verb, intransitive
interj: interjection
prep: quasi-preposition
conj: conjuncion
kama: compound verb preceded by ‘kama’
cont: context word used before ‘la’
conj: conjunction

This collection of 24 cards is for learning the words related to the concept of 'time' in the language Toki Pona.

This collection of cards goes from English to the corresponding Toki Pona word. It was created from the official Toki Pona word list, by taking each English definition and creating a card with the corresponding Toki Pona word. It also includes the 2 newer words, 'pan' and 'esun'.

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