Reductions are common in natural speech. Written reduced forms in advertisements, songs, and personal writing reflect natural spoken language.

They are not standard written English, and they are usually used by native speakers of English during their everyday conversations.

To improve the speaking skills, non-native English speakers can use them in their daily conversations as well.

Over 600 vocabularies and sentences for business and everyday use.

Q: Acumen (n)
A: Jean's acumen (keen insight) allowed her to grasp the complex alliances of campus politics.

شما میتوانید از طریق بخش ایمپورت نرم افزار این لغات را به برنامه افزوده و از آن استفاده کنید

GRE Roots/Stems or words.

فایل زیپ را باز کرده و فایل تکست درون آن را در برنامه import کنید


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