Essential vocabulary for TOEFL test.

VOA Special English Word Book by Voice of America.

SAT vocabulary, also very helpful for ACT, GRE, TOEFL, etc.

Vocabulary for GMAT test.

This english vocabulary set consists primarily of words which are not used in everyday language or speech, but which are surprisingly common in college-level reading or higher. It was compiled into Mnemosyne because I felt that too many of the existing english vocab decks either were too all-encompassing (including words like 'abandon' or 'mattress') and wasted time, or were vocation/situation specific (see: GMAT, Braille decks).

(english description is below polish description)


W tym pakiecie są następujące kategorie z liczbą kart:

This is the standard phonetic alphabet used when you need to unambiguously communicate letters over radio or telephone. Officially used by militaries, aviation, shipping, etc.

Alfa, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, etc.

This deck includes only one-way cards (e.g., "Question: Z, Answer: Zulu"), on the assumption that you don't need much practice to go the other way.

this is a alphabet wise cards from Barron`s gre

you can get anything you set your mind to

Peg words are useful for remembering a name given only a number or for memorizing numbered lists of items.

In this peg word tutorial, you'll learn how to memorize numbers by converting them to words which can be pictured and remembered easily. This works well when you want to recall a number given something else.

This card helps you review the golden principles of Dale Carnegie from "How to Win Friends and Influence People", which has influenced the world for many decades.

Learning to relate to people in the ways Carnegie instructs in this self-help book will help you personally as well as professionally.

Those principles are a classic because Carnegie teaches timeless truths in timeless ways.


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