Peg Words



Chetana Chey


Peg words are useful for remembering a name given only a number or for memorizing numbered lists of items.

In this peg word tutorial, you'll learn how to memorize numbers by converting them to words which can be pictured and remembered easily. This works well when you want to recall a number given something else.

This is where the peg word system comes in useful. It allows you to recall both a number given a name and a name given a number. The secret is this: Instead of coming up with an arbitrary word for a number, you use a specific word every time. When you want to remember something given only the number, you recall the specific peg word for the number, then proceed to remember what name was associated with the peg word.


• Card type: Vocabulary
• Tags: Pegging
• Last updated: 10-Sep-14


How to Develop A SUPER-POWER MEMORY by Harry Lorayne

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  • 2.3+

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