Geert Hermans


A deck to learn the cards from hanafuda, the Japanese flower cards. This deck will teach you to recognize the "suits" and special cards, and will help you memorize what can be found where.
Note that this deck doesn't teach you combinations of cards for games like the popular "koi-koi", which are played with hanafuda. It only teaches you the cards themselves. I plan to add a deck for koi-koi combinations later.

In order to understand the basics of hanafuda cards, it is suggested you first do some online reading. The Wikipedia article is a good starting point. This deck will then help you memorize the cards thoroughly.

The first 12 cards will show four cards of a "suit". The answer is the corresponding month of the year, along with the name of the "flower" in both Japanese and English.

After that, the normal, ribbon, species and bright cards are asked separately, again for you to name the month and flower, and also listing the typical point value. The points are rarely used in games, but can help to remember the type of card.

Finally, there are some questions asking you to list cards to remember what month has which types of card.

The images of the cards were taken from the Wikipedia article on hanafuda and are available under a license that permits their use in this context. The quality is somewhat limited, but functional.


Mnemosyne Compatibility: 

  • 2.1+

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