International Phonetic Alphabet



Adam Redwine


This deck is of the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) with partial audio support. The deck consists of the symbols used in the alphabet and the associated names. For example, the symbol "b" represents a "voiced bilabial plosive." The associated sound file is of someone making a "baa" sound.

The IPA is used extensively by vocal artists but is also widely used by linguists and other language professionals.

I created this deck using the IPA and associated links on Wikipedia. I am not a linguist, but what was found there was consistent with what I've seen elsewhere.

The deck is not the complete IPA, but it includes all of the pulmonic consonants and the vowels. If someone wants to add the non-pulmonic consonants, affricates, and co-articulated consonants, go right ahead; I have no intention of doing this any time soon.


These cards are derived from the Wikipedia entry on the IPA and associated Wikipedia articles on individual phonemes.

Mnemosyne Compatibility: 

  • 2.1+

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