Lets be honest here, no one wants to attack the ENTIRE Jyouyou kanji list at once, that's why you even Japanese students learn only a certain amount per grade. So, to make the Jyouyou Kanji list a little(lot?) easier to tackle, I separated the list by the grades they are taught in Japan.

Kyouiku Grade 1 (80 kanji)
Kyouiku Grade 2 (160 kanji)
Kyouiku Grade 3 (199 kanji)*
Kyouiku Grade 4 (201 kanji)*
Kyouiku Grade 5 (185 kanji)
Kyouiku Grade 6 (181 kanji)
Kyouiku** Grade S (939 kanji)

* The reason for these one-offs is mentioned in the first section.
** The rest of the Jyouyou are taught in secondary school and are marked as Kyouiku Grade S in this collection. I thought it would be easier to keep track of the sets this way. Don't worry, these 7 sets together really do equal the full Jyouyou Kanji!

Enjoy, and good luck studying!


Used Wikipedia and the guy who made the last list said they were all correct, so my list is at least as good as his, but better :D. Also, the Wikipedia page hasn't been changed since the last person made their list, so we're definitely using the same content.

It took me about 3 hours to make the script and parse the list as you see it now. An interesting thing to note is that Grade 4 has 201 kanji and Grade 3 has 199 kanji(wiki error). What this means is that one of the entries in Grade 4 should be Grade 3. I don't want to check because I don't think 1 kanji out of 1,945 being misplaced is a big deal, but if someone tells me which one it is, I'll be happy to update the list.

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