Inspired by "Linux Commands" deck(by krlhc8) and after reading "The Linux® Command Line" book i decide to experiment with mnemosyne. After you have a grasp about linux shell(I recommend William E. Shotts, Jr's text to all Linux shell newbies as a first lecture.) can use the deck for test your skills, or (in the actual deck's release) even better if you haven't you can use it for learn. I did the deck before ignoring about So take this deck as a substitute of the book above.That's not the best way to memorize stuff but in future versions maybe i refine it.

That's the deck's third release (0.3.7r) and cover till end of 11th chapter of Shotts's text. You can find till now:
A deck of 181 cards divided in 11 categories(General info, FS navigation, FS exploring, Manipulating files and dirs, Working with commands, I/O redirection, pipelines-filters, command substitution-expansion-escaping- quoting, command line editing, Permissions,Processes,Environment)


From the text: The Linux® Command Line by William E. Shotts, Jr.

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  • 2.1+

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