Spanish trekking vocabulary



Wim Woittiez


* Excludes all vocabulary that is in the "Spanish Vocabulary" collection by Larry Renslow, containing 2899 cards, uploaded at 06/28/2008.
* Punctuation and articles are added so you can translate the exact same expression from one language to the other.
* There are 490 cards.
* "Spanish:Trekking" is used as the first two levels in the category name for easy distinction after an import into an existing deck.
* All cards are included both ways. If the same word has different translations, this is solved as in category "basic expressions" above.
All categories with examples:
Spanish:Trekking:Weather - la encainada - the white out
Spanish:Trekking:Trail stuff - el atajo - the shortcut
Spanish:Trekking:Time - the day after tomorrow - pasado mañana
Spanish:Trekking:Paths and roads - the old trade route - el camino
Spanish:Trekking:Nationalities - German - Alemán
Spanish:Trekking:More verbs - to go, I go, I went - ir, voy, fue
Spanish:Trekking:Landmarks - el cobertizo - the shed
Spanish:Trekking:Hiking equipment - la brújula - the compass
Spanish:Trekking:Directions - in front of - frente a
Spanish:Trekking:Basic expressions
?Puedo dejar esto aquí por un rato? - Can I leave this here for a while?
perdón - excuse me (2)
con permiso - excuse me (2)
excuse me (2) - perdón / con permiso
Spanish:Trekking:Animals - la oveja - the sheep
Spanish:Trekking:Administrative units - the municipality - el ayuntamiento
* Deck created by MPTanguero / Wim Woittiez /


* Based on an old Lonely Planet travel guide, but every word was properly researched on the internet to make sure of correct translation and gender, so the source of this deck is basically the internet.

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  • 2.1+

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