Vocabulary and inflections from the Iliad, book 1



Ben Crowell


The front of each card is an inflected word from the appropriate book
of the Iliad, and the back is the word's English translation and its
grammatical information. For example, if the front is ἔχωμεν,
then the back is ἔχω, to have, present 1 pl. subjunctive. The
deck includes all words from that book except for those that are
extremely common (such as articles) or extremely uncommon (an
inflected form occurring only once or twice in all of Homer). Most
cards have additional information on the back, such as etymology,
cognates, genitives of nouns, and the first few principal parts of

The information about etymology and cognates is meant to help with
memorization. In a small number of cases, I've included my own
idiosyncratic mnemonics, but usually it's more effective to make up
your own.

Because verbs can have so many inflected forms, most of the cards are
of verbs. I actually find this to be helpful, since parsing verb
forms is hard and requires much more practice than parsing nouns and
other parts of speech.

The cards are tagged for Mnemosyne with tags of the form
Homer,Greek,Iliad-01, where 01 is the chapter.

The license of the decks is CC-BY-SA, and many entries are taken from
Wiktionary, which has the same license. Source code is at
https://github.com/bcrowell/ransom .


My own work, but with many entries copied from Wiktionary.

Mnemosyne Compatibility: 

  • 2.1+

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