Učebnice současné španělštiny - O. Macíková, L. Mlýnková - 1. díl: 19. kapitola - slovní zásoba

Vocabulary for lesson 1 of Easy Spanish Step-by-Step by Barbara Bregstein.

Vocabulaire Français - Espagnol (classé par thème - 5.363 mots et phrases)

Card type : "Front-to-back only"

Tags = thème (Ex. : "le travail et les métiers")
Front (Question) = mot ou phrase en français
Back (Réponse) = traduction en espagnol (parfois plusieurs réponses, variante Argentine)

Tags (68 thèmes) :

This set contains flashcards I made from a legal glossary I found on the Sacramento Superior Court's website. On one side of the card, you have an English legal term and description. On the other side, you will find the same information in Spanish. This deck is ideal for aspiring courtroom interpreters such as myself.

This is a collection of basic Spanish vocabulary. The original file by Dave K. had a number of typos, which I corrected. I also clarified some definitions and added some examples.

* Excludes all vocabulary that is in the "Spanish Vocabulary" collection by Larry Renslow, containing 2899 cards, uploaded at 06/28/2008.
* Punctuation and articles are added so you can translate the exact same expression from one language to the other.
* There are 490 cards.
* "Spanish:Trekking" is used as the first two levels in the category name for easy distinction after an import into an existing deck.

Spanish idioms with English idiomatic equivalents; most include a sentence which uses the Spanish idiom, to give the student an example.

There are 576 idioms here, and if you produce one that fits a conversational situation, the odds are good that it will make you seem much more fluent. Remember, though, that idioms are often local, and don't be surprised if, occasionally, people just look at you with confusion when you use one. Instead, view it as an excellent opportunity to produce another idiom that fits.

Spanish Vocabulary contains 2,899 cards comprising a basic set of Spanish words, mostly from my textbook, Practical Spanish Grammar, Second Edition, by Marcial Prado. Other words are from the Harper Collins Spanish Concise Dictionary, Second Edition. The total number of words in the vocabulary is about 1,400.

Most cards (nearly all) have English on one side and Spanish on the other.

Este vocabulario es una colección de palabras de todos los terrenos y su traducción en alemán que coleccioné durante mi aprendizaje en la universidad. Acabo de empezar a utilizar el programa Mnemosyne, así que esta colección está en progreso y la actualizyaré de vez en cuando. Que alguien beneficie de esta!


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