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Now this is a real deal collection of English phrasal verbs(=Verb + proposition & a little bit more) cards. Some might hate it, some might get headaches while studying it, some might enjoy it, and a few might fall in love with it! What is obvious is that this set of cards is useful and beneficial to your EFL learning.

Have fun

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Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary

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  • 2.1+

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This set is claimed to be for ESL students, but it is NOT suitable for them.
As to the 'quality' of Cards - it needs to be RE-worked in order to comply with the Cards Rules ( to improve memorizing ):
1. Too many words - in definition and sentencing, thus obscuring the meaning.
2. The question side mast have a sentence ( not a single word without context) and a 'close deletion' (main word replaced with a hint ).
3. It is overloaded with multiple meanings - NO-NO for ESL student.
4. There are 217 UK words.
5. ESL Data Base must be bi-lingual ( trust me :-) ).

After working thru 50+ words, I baled out.

Waste of my time.


Thank you for your comment, you can't imagine how happy it makes me to see someone commenting on my stuff.

Well, I appreciate your concern, and there are two options available at this point:

1- Due to the opensource nature of Mnemosyne application and its cards, you can go ahead and correct the mentioned errors, and either post the correct set of cards yourself, or you can send it to me, so I can replace the problematic card set, with your version.
2- You can wait for me, so I can find the appropriate time for correcting the problems and creating a new cards set.

Also, I have removed the ESL tag from the post.
I am so grateful for your honest comment. Thank you.