Chinese HSK Set



Kasim Terzic


You will need simplified Chinese fonts, though a unicode font is recommended because of the pinyin tone marks, which are not properly implemented in all GB fonts.

The HSK is the standardised Chinese proficiency test and the characters in the HSK tables are both needed to pass the test and considered important by the Chinese government. It is a common way to gauge progress. Learning the most frequent characters first is obviously also a good supplemental strategy.


HSK Tables were taken from
Character frequency tables were taken from
Traditional character version by Hugh Chen.

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  • 2.1+

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Contents question


I was just beginning to create cards myself, I'm planning to do the HSK 3 in September, and HSK 4 next year, so I was delighted to see this set magically appear. I have a question regarding the contents though.

How do you define the words as content for the different HSK levels? The new HSK exams are based on simplified charaters only, while the card set includes cards marked for example 'traditional' or 'HSK 1 and traditional'. Additionally, HSK 1 has a vocabulary of only 150 recommended words, while the HSK 1 set in these cards contains 1135 words, and there is a similar level of discrepancy in the higher levels. (

Obviously all the words are useful to know, and I am glad to also see the 'most common' words groups as well, but I'm interested in the clarification.




They may be lists of words combined for the older version of the HSK, or possibly personal combinations from other people. I may have a go continuing my own creation as well.