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Now this is a little bit over the top, and actually a trial to memorize a dictionary, but anyways... Those who think taking a look at these beautifully and carefully constructed and professional looking cards won't hurt that much, could give it a try here.

This package contains of some 21000++ of the best and well known American idioms. You might want to disable all your other categories and just stick with these idioms, if it is what you need right now.

And before I forget, you could use
to contact me. Alternatively you could use the comments section of this cards set and report your problems or suggestions, in case you have problems with the contact form. All kinds of comments are warmly accepted.

Have fun.


McGrawhill's American Idioms Dictionary

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Slow... :(

Oh yeah... it will certainly drive your Mnemosyne application real slow(er than usual) (only when you want to add or remove the cards). And it is normal, because of all the html tags and make-me-look-good stuff. But I think it worths it.